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        Sino-foreign joint ventureSuqian Jiahe Plastic Metal Products Co.,Ltd is located in Economic Development Zone,Suqian City,Jiangsu Province.It covers an area of 12000 square meters. Building area is 7000 square meters and will be enlarged in the future. Its total investment is about eighteen million RMB. With great transportation convenience, including Beijing-Shandong high..
      Mop Series
        PVA Sponge Mop
        Cotton Mop
        Microfiber Mops
        Sprayer Mop
        Mini Mop
      Window Squeegee
      Broom And Dustpan
      PVA Sponge
      2013-4-27 | The investment environment advan..
      2013-4-27 | Current situation of the develop..
      2013-4-27 | Traffic location advantage
      2013-4-27 | Suqian become 2009 Sue business ..
      2013-4-27 | Suqian economic development zone
      FC-16T Microfiber mop
      FC-06 Microfiber floor mop
      GCQ-01 Window squeegee with spring
      FC-03 window squeegee
      GCQ-05 Mini squeegee
      FM-08LK window squeegee
      Non-woven cloth mop head
      Microfiber mop head

      Suqian Jiahe Plastic Metal Products Co.,Ltd. has more than 20 years of mold, plastic products and metal products manufacturing experience, the formation of four series products: cleansing products, plastic products, plastic raw materials, mold development and to undertake external processing. The company has more than 30 product patents, and through ISO9001:2000 international quality management system certification. Currently has with the domestic well-known brands at home and abroad set up long-term strategic partnership, and with independent brand. Golden harvest has a group of outstanding research and development personnel, well-trained staff and advanced production equipment, in the fierce market competition and changing customer requirements, the golden harvest constantly for the overwhelming majority of customers with rich and novel products, with first-class quality, reasonable price and perfect service make customers worry-free, welcome the clients at home and abroad to patronize.


      Suqian Jiahe Plastic Metal Products Co.,Ltd

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      All rights reserved Suqian Jiahe Plastic Metal Products Co.,Ltd. Address: suqian two districts in jiangsu province economic development zone of kunlun mountain road no. 79
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